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Basic Information

Post by Cassiel » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:19 pm

Almost six months ago, it had happened. The Event. It had shut down powerlines sporadically across the globe, radio waves had been subject to strange interference, all sorts of things had happened. 

And in the morning, people started to discover that now they were... different. Oh, not everyone who changed figured it out right away. It was about a three month period from when powers started to develop to when they reached full bloom. And it took longer for people to figure out how to use them. And there weren't that many of them, all told. But nobody knew exactly how many. Nobody wanted to come forward. People were panicking. Governments were trying to figure out what to do. Some wanted to take the newly-empowered people and lock them away. Others weren't going to wait for that -- peoples homes were broken into and vandalized if enough people started to believe someone with unchecked powers lived there. 

What so few people understood was this was the second Event. There were hundreds (perhaps more, perhaps a great deal more) empowered people after the second Event; the first Event had left only about a dozen. 

What even fewer people understood was that both had been on purpose. The first was simply a trial run. And for the second Event, they had died down the power. Because after the first Event, everyone who was in range that didn't develop powers died. And that was considered to be an unacceptable risk at planet-wide scales. So, a smaller percentage got powers and those powers tended not to be as great. But in terms of numbers, it was clear. If the newly empowered could be organized, they had the potential to be truly great. 

(Written by PeM)

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