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Post-Apocalyptic storyline.

• A nuclear accident happened thirty years ago (April 26, 1986); this story is present-time but alternate.
• It had world-wide consequences.
• Everyone evacuated into the underbelly of the world. Subways became home.
• You are allotted ONE (1) train car per family member, FOUR (4) cars maximum.
• The radiation levels haven't been checked in 20 years; it's possible that it's safe, but no one dares brave it.
• Electricity is still available. Mostly through fuel-run generators.
• Electronics and the like are archaic, at best. WiFi is not possible nor available.
• Water is harvested from underground pools.
• There are specialty cars with specific markings. Medic cars, etc. Maps are allocated throughout.
• Food runs are between 6 AM and 10 AM daily with designated operatives as the runners.

This is consistently a work-in-progress. Please stay tuned to find out more.

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