How to post your characters:

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How to post your characters:

Post by Cassiel » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:03 pm

HOST NAME: Have fun. No actual character names from the show, or celebrities/etc.
HOST AGE: 16 and up only. NO CHILDREN.

RECORDED TIME OF DEATH: self-explanatory
HOST OCCUPATION: If you have a minor, they're obviously in school.
HOST INTERNET PRESENCE: The travelers look at the host's internet presence in order to see if they are viable, so, please add how the travelers would know about the host.
HOST PERSONALITY PRIOR: Because obviously, the host and traveler would not have same personalities, so document this because it will explain how others respond to the traveler using the host's body. (For example, Marcy had an intellectual development disorder prior to the traveler taking her body).

HOST BODY AILMENTS: Cancer? Mental issues? Addiction? When the traveler takes over the body, not all were indicated on the internet. Also, when the traveler takes over the host, the body does not immediately "get better"; the host suffers those ailments - either immediately, or down the road.
HOST BAD HABITS (IF ANY): Drugs? Gambling? Drinking? Serial Cheater? etc.

TRAVELER NUMBER: Four numbers between 1000 to 4000. None under 1000 will be accepted without discussion with the story-tellers.
TRAVELER OCCUPATION: There are six different occupations so far: Leader, Medic, Tactical, Historian, Engineer, and Programmer.
TRAVELER PERSONALITY: What is your Traveler like? This explains the personality difference in the host's body.

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