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Room Rules & Rating

Post by Cassiel » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:26 pm

Realm Rating:
This room is rated "NC-17". No explicit sex in public, but otherwise, knock yourself out. If you have a problem with the explicitly violent or gory nature of someone's RP, the hosts of this room respectfully suggest you make liberal use of the "Ignore" function.

Picture Limits: 550x550px & 400kb.

Basic rules:
  • Abide by the site terms.
  • Respect the storytellers' rules for their storylines.
  • If you cannot be nice to others, then there's no reason to be here.
  • No one may claim a picture model for themselves (unless it makes sense).
  • Last rule: have fun, that’s the main reason why we are here.

Policy for dealing with issues with other chatters:
  • If you have issues with another chatter, the first steps are to either take it to PMs or other means of communication, or use the ignore feature.
  • If the first steps don't work, bring the issue to the room staff and we will take whatever steps we deem necessary.

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