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Ael intro

Post by Cassiel » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:13 pm

Being born a seer among the fey could be a blessing, or a curse. It largely depending on the power your family wielded. Those in powerful families, they lived a life of indulgence and luxury, pampered and spoiled for the prestige they give the family just by existing, and the advantages they give the family with the use of their gift. Those in less powerful, lower class families...well, they are more often taken from their families once the gift is discovered, and used by the powerful and elite. They're given the appearance of pampering and luxury, but in truth they're pretty things kept in gilded cages, used and thought little of.

Ael, well, she was in the second category. She didn't even remember her parents, her family. Her gift manifested extremely young, and at a time when there were so very few seers amongst the fey. She was a rare and precious thing, kept in her cage, and kept dreaming as much as possible for the information she could provide her owners. She didn't even know who it was that kept her, or where. Then again, it really didn't matter to her.

She lived in dreams as much – probably more – than in reality. Dreams that came to her awake or asleep – and there was little difference to Ael in these two states anyway – and whispered to her of things from the past, and things from the future. Even, occasionally, things from the present, although she wasn't always sure how much of those dreams were just memories of things she'd seen previously, or simply what was happening around her.

Ael believed the things she was told, when she could even remember them. How valuable she was, how good she was for being so pliant, so obedient. Sometimes, she was even aware enough to be amused by what she was told. She had no real choice in the matter. There was always the haze that stood between her and any sense of will, of desire, of want or need or...much of anything else. Simply the price of her gift, she'd been told once when she'd stirred herself enough to try to ask about it.

That didn't sit right with her, however. Not then, not when she could vaguely remember a time when she could see clearly, and only saw when she reached for the dreams, or when she truly slept. Of course, she had no way of knowing that those who kept her were not at all above lacing her food and drink with drugs found to enhance the abilities of seers, chemicals and compounds that forced the dreaming state, that forced them to see.

Ael was trapped. In reality, in her dreams, she was trapped. Bound, helpless, wasting away, Ael was lost and alone and slowly losing herself.


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