Plans put into motion (Matthias Durante & Timothy Voss)

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Plans put into motion (Matthias Durante & Timothy Voss)

Post by Cassiel » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:11 pm

“Matthias,” a woman’s voice snapped him out of his reveries, when he came to, she was standing in front of him and his desk. “Hello, someone wants to speak with you.”

Matthias lifted an eyebrow as he shifted in his seat, “Who?” He crossed his arms while managing to lean the chair back while studying her, she was rather nice to look at – all curves in the right places. Too bad she thoroughly believed in not mixing business with pleasure, and she really was a good secretary, so he couldn’t afford to lose her.

“That weird Voss guy,” a little frown of unease skittered across her face as she said his name.

“Oh, Timothy,” Matthias rolled his shoulders as he grimaced, “he’s harmless, really. Send him in,” he paused, “bring some of that pie that you got from the bakery. He’s got a really sweet tooth,” a smile danced over his lips. “Just leave it with me then leave, you don’t need to deal with him.” When she slipped away with a grateful look, Matthias took in a deep breath. He hated dealing with Voss, but he’d do it – anything to get back what he deserved.

Atticus had ripped that away from him; so he’d do the same in turn.

He straightened up in his chair, no longer leaning back, as he heard the shuffling of the guy coming to the massive doors that would lead into his new little office – it was very old world, thanks to his father. Rich wooden tones, everything that needed to be covered was covered with rich scarlet velvets. There were many books of first editions, some works of art – originals that had been passed on through generations. In the middle of it all was Matthias at a large desk, his arms outstretched as he fixed a smile on his lips. “Timothy, what brings you here, brother?”


Timothy paced the little room he was told to wait in while he was announced. What if Matthias refused to see him? What if he blamed Timothy somehow for Remy's abduction? What if, what if, what if, what if. His mind wouldn't be still. He couldn't even really remember anymore what it had been like before. Before he'd broken. And on some level, he really was aware that he was just that – broken. He'd never been anything special, but...he'd been proud of who he was, of his pack, of his place in it, even if he was one of the lowest ranked of the family. He'd still been so much better than the mutts, and the humans who were little better than deer to be hunted down.

When the woman – who made him more nervous than usual, for some reason he didn't even bother to examine, not when almost everything made him nervous anyway – came to tell him Matthias would finally see him, he huffed out a breath and nodded jerkily and followed her to the office Matthias apparently used as his little seat of power. Timothy hoped, by the time he was done, Matthias would have the means to make it his seat of power over all the garou, and the plans would be in place to see that mutt put down as he should be.

He stood nervously before the large, antique desk, unable to quite meet Matthias' eyes. “Atticus,” he replied simply, his hands clenching at his sides. “He's got Remy. I want to get her back for you.” Timothy hesitated, a single moment of clarity making him reconsider his plan. But it passed quickly, and a little smile twisted his lips as he continued. “I can do it. But I want things from you to do it.”

Slowly, the clenched hands at his sides relaxed, though they twitched a bit. “I want my place back, my pack's place. That's where he is, you know. He's got the manor. Thinks it's his now. Fucking mutt. I want it back. And I want... No, I need to refound my pack.” His eyes gleamed a bit with his dreams of leading the pack, of being the father of new generations of Voss garou. And, perhaps, with more than a touch of insanity, as well. “I'll get her back for you, Matthias. But I want her. Remy. I need her pure blood to refound my pack.”

Matthias’ hands dropped into his lap for a split second before he moved them to grip the arms of the chair while he tried to follow Timothy’s train of thought. “Timothy,” he finally interrupted, “sit. You make me nervous when you pace,” he snorted, “and that is not a good thing.” He waited for Timothy to drop into a chair before giving a self-satisified nod. He was ready to say something when Suzy walked back into the room with a tray, there was the pie itself, two plates with slices already on them, and a pitcher of milk with two glasses. He smiled at Suzy, “thank you.”

His eyes followed Suzy out before he returned his attention to Timothy. “Eat up. Suzy found this amazing place, I remembered you like apple pies.” He smiled as he relaxed his grip on the arms.

Atticus, he growled low to himself before returning his attention to Timothy, shaking his head. “Atticus has Remy, that much we know. Do you know why he has her?” He considered this for a moment, “does he not understand that the Durantes will not bend their knee? We bend our knee to no man, nor mutt.” He snorted as he gripped at the arms again.

Then he remembered himself, “ah yes, your… demands.” He watched Timothy closely for a moment, his interest piqued. He could get his sister back while pissing off Atticus at the same time, having stolen both his sister and the most loyal servant. A smile danced on his lips before fading as he watched the garou fidget in front of him. God, he was pathetic.

“You want my sister to help you refound your pack?” Remy would tear him to threads.

“You want my sister to be the mother to the next generation of Voss garou?” A soft laugh came from his lips as he pretended to take time to consider it, picking up a plate, he took a bite of the pie. “Hmmm,” he enjoyed the bite before swallowing. “If you deliver her to me, safely and unharmed, without Atticus knowing… Then we can talk about you refounding your pack. It would be a honor to join with a such a respectable house.”



Never fucking happening.

He nearly dropped into the nearest chair – which just happened to be one situated in front of the desk – when Matthias ordered him to. Once, he would have bristled at being ordered about like that by someone from another pack. Now...he didn't even notice, really, that he'd obeyed like some tame little dog. It didn't matter now, anyway. All that mattered was getting Matthias to agree, and getting Remy. And...seeing that mutt put down. His entire world revolved around these three things. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

Timothy jerked, startled, when the woman came up behind him, depositing a tray on the desk within easy reach. He didn't even look at her, though, instead focusing on the contents of the tray. When Matthias spoke, he finally looked up, allowing their eyes to meet briefly before his own jerked away. What he'd seen there was enough to make him shudder once, recognizing in that steady, almost dead gaze Matthias' desires for power and revenge. It terrified Timothy, but not enough to sway him from his plan. Nothing, in truth, was enough to sway him from his plan at this point. He would get what was his, or he would die. It was that simple.

Carefully, Timothy reached out for a plate, almost more afraid of the pie than of Matthias himself. Coldness, he could understand. Bloodthirst, cruelty, desire for revenge, all of these he could grasp. Seeming kindness? It left him at a loss. Still, it was pie. He took a wary bite, shrugging to Matthias. “I don't know. Not for sure,” he said after swallowing hastily. “I think he just wants to see all the garou bend knee to him. destroyed. He has a plan, I'm sure of it. But I haven't discovered it yet. Filthy mutt can't think he actually deserves the position he's trying for.” The last was muttered with disgust and derision.

Slowly, Timothy took another bite of the pie. It really was very good. He nearly moaned, before remembering himself and where he was. At the mention of his...well, he refused to really think of them as demands. They were requests, from one pack leader to another. Yes, that was it. At the mention of them, he looked up, pie nearly forgotten. Not even the lure of that sweetness could come close to the lure of his desire for Remy. And the rest of his requests were really just the means to that end; he wanted, needed, Remy.

Timothy nodded slowly, squinting, trying to decide if he was being mocked by the laughter. No, Matthias wouldn't do that. He needed his sister away from Atticus. He needed to see Atticus put down as much as Timothy did. They were both garou, both pack leaders, there would be mutual respect here, and alliance against a common enemy. Of course.

“I can do it. Matthias, I can. I can get her back. He put me in charge of taking care of her. And I have. You'll see. She's...” He hesitated, realizing mentioning her illness wouldn't, perhaps, be the wisest thing he could bring up. “Good. I've taken such good care of her. I'll get her away from him and bring her to you. You can count on me.

“Pack leaders should do that, shouldn't they? Help each other, count on each other? Right?” Timothy shoved the barely touched pie back onto the desk, twitching a bit. “We have to help each other now, to put that mutt down. Make him suffer...” His lips twisted into a sickening grin as he let himself picture it.

“I will not bend,” he snarled, “I bend my knee to no one.” His eyes darkened for a moment as he stared at Timothy. Then he slowed his breathing, reminding himself of where he was and who was in front of him; as much as he hated to admit it, he needed the weasel. “He will be destroyed and we will lead,” he tilted his head with a slightly amused look, “the Voss pack as my right hand, this will be nice.” Such sweet lies, but he sounded genuine as he said so – he had practice in saying this a few times a day to others.

And back, he snapped to the present as he returned his attention to the pie, a few more bites. “You can get her back then?” He savored the last bite before putting the empty plate back on the tray, he wouldn’t eat another slice, not right now. He’d have it later. “Good,” he murmured, “that means the mutt trusts you and wouldn’t suspect you of taking Remy, she needs to be where she belongs.

“Home, at your side.” He nodded slowly as he looked away from Timothy to the books around them. “There are so many stories written about the loup garou, we will join those stories. Matthias Durante and Timothy Voss, the two garous that dared to take on the new Packmaster and won, put him down like the dog he is.” His hands curled onto the arms of the chair, leaving tears this time, in the leather.

“Bring her home and you will be handsomely rewarded. We will get your manor back, get your birthright reinstated as the last Voss and the new alpha.” He murmured the promises in a velvety voice, “wouldn’t that be perfect for Remy? Only the best for Remy, right?”


Timothy's eyes widened, and a slow grin formed, already forgetting the flash of terror he felt at Matthias' outburst. “Yes,” he said, almost a hiss. “We'll lead, show everyone.” It was perfect, it was...everything he dreamed. If he wanted Timothy at his side, of course he would never deny him Remy. He would have everything he wanted. Everything. It was better than nice. It was perfect. He'd done the right thing in coming to Matthias.

He was nodding along eagerly by now, completely taken in by what Matthias was saying. “She needs to be where she belongs. Home, at your side.” Yes. Yes, exactly. He could see it, letting himself get lost in the fantasy for a few moments, his eyes going distant. Remy. It was all about Remy, in the end. Nothing mattered but Remy, getting her, having her as his mate. Nothing else mattered.

Even as tantalizing as the ideas Matthias presented him with were, and they were very tantalizing indeed to the omega, none of them compared to the thoughts of Remy being, finally, his. The thoughts of Remy kept him thoroughly distracted, so much so that he never noticed the return of Matthias' anger, nor the results of it. No, he was too far gone with the sweet promises Matthias was making regarding his sister, and all else Timothy felt he deserved.

In fact, by now, he was eager to please Matthias, to be everything he believed in his twisted mind Matthias thought he could be, and would be. “Yes, Matthias, yes. Only the best for Remy. She deserves only the best. I can bring her home. I can give her the best. I can do it.” He was nodding eagerly as he spoke, the occasional twitching growing more pronounced. “I can bring Remy home.” His eyes, wide and a bit wild, met now with Matthias' and he rose from his seat, forgetting the order that had held him there previously, thinking only of his mission, of bringing Remy home as quickly as possible.

Unaware, really, of how completely he'd come under the Durante alpha's sway, he stood there, waiting to be dismissed. Deep in his omega brain, he had recognized an alpha willing and able to give him the order he craved. And Matthias had done so expertly, using the perfect lure – his own sister.

Matthias smiled inwardly as he watched Timothy twist himself up over the promises of his sister; something he would never follow through on. There would be an accident, he had already decided, as he studied the twitching garou; he would have to think more on what it was going to be. “Now, you need to take her soon,” Matthias tilted his head toward Timothy, “but remember, careful, don’t hurt her. She needs to be safe so she can trust you,

“Then she will join you.” He smiled softly, “and we join houses.”

He watched Timothy stand up, swaying on his feet a bit as he started dreaming.

The fucking garou was long gone.

“Go,” Matthias smiled, “contact me when you’ve got her away from Atticus. It’ll be a glorious day and we will have a story for the books.” He watched Timothy turn away from the desk with a slight head bob before heading to the massive doors. When Timothy looked away, Matthias shook his head, it was disgusting.

Remy would laugh at this, he knew it, once she got over being so pissed off at him for being used as a pawn. She would understand, eventually, she was a Durante.

Timothy left and Matthias relaxed in his seat, looking at the arms and the torn leather, “well fuck.” He sighed as he heard the doors open again, the blonde woman peeking her head in, “Suzy,” he smiled at her as his eyes took in her body once again. He’d love to feel her under him, just one time, and…


“Thank you for the pie,” he nodded at the tray, “have the cook send up a warm slice to my room later.” He ran his fingers over the arms, “oh, and this needs to be reupholstered again,” he sighed. “I swear, we’re keeping the brothers in business.”

Suzy’s lips twisted in amusement as she moved further into the study, gathering up the plates and the tray. “I will, Matthias.” She paused for a moment, her eyes turning on him, “I got a phone call today,” she tilted her head as if considering her words. “I need to go on a vacation, family matter, but I already have someone coming in to fill for me.” Her lips pursed, “I believe you will be very pleased,” she picked up the tray.

“Ah, you will be missed, Suzy. But take your time, family comes first.” He nodded as he watched Suzy turn away and leave the room.

His plan was being put into motion.

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