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Races & Creatures (Non-Playable)

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:56 pm
by Cassiel
Race: Elemental
Playable: No
Average Lifespan: Unknown
Reproduction: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Elemental magic appropriate for the type of elemental in question. Power levels vary widely per elemental.
Additional Information: Elementals are magical creatures that embody the various elemental magics in the world. They can be summoned and controlled, but it takes immense power and focus to do so. It's not uncommon for the summoner to end up the victim of the elemental they tried to control. Nephilim and angels have an advantage as elementals are often more willing to work with them, and sometimes even drawn to them.

Zombies and Other Undead

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:57 pm
by Cassiel
Race: Zombie
Playable: No
Average Lifespan: Unknown.
Reproduction: None.
Powers/Abilities: Can only be 'killed' by serious damage to or the destruction of the brain, the choice of necromancer who raised it, or the death of the necromancer who raised it.
Additional Information: Zombies are the result of a necromancer raising a corpse (human or animal) without the spirit/soul present. They are mindless, and obey utterly the will of the necromancer who raised them. Zombies are one of the most advanced forms of necromancy, and require incredible power and knowledge to rise and control. Those necromancers who fail in this always end up killed by the zombie they tried to raise and control.