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Primary Five:
Sanguine Iudicium:
The Blood Court. Ruling body of vampires in the city of Zion. Currently ruled over by the Master vampire, Maalik Lazarus. All vampires are either a part of Sanguine Iudicium and expected to be loyal to Lazarus, or are considered rogue and subject to extermination if Lazarus wishes.

The Fey Court:
The Fey Court is just as capricious as the creatures that make it up. The Court generally seeks to remain neutral in most of the political wrangling within the city.

The Daeva:
Demon faction. The Daeva is more a loose association of the more powerful demons in Zion. They mediate disputes, and generally try to keep the population of demons in Zion from bring too much attention to the community as a whole. The Daeva, and demons in general, prefer to stay out of the politics of the other races and remain neutral as much as possible. However, they have no qualms against playing the various factions against each other, if they can see some benefit to themselves.

Loup Garou:
The overall faction of garou and werewolves in the city of Zion. Currently ruled over by the Packmaster, Joseph Atticus. Garou are expected to follow the Packmaster's word as law, though since Atticus has taken over, some of the surviving garou still rebel against him. Common werewolves have been, in the past, primarily disregarded as second-class citizens by the garou. Atticus plans to change that attitude, and includes them in the Loup Garou.

Magician's Council: Ruling body of magicians within Zion. Thought to be a group of powerful magicians that meet in secret to decide issues and keep the magicians of the city in check. In truth, the Magician’s Council is made up solely of Alexi Novak (after the other two members of the Council were assassinated) and a group of magicians he uses as Advisors. The Advisors are, however, unaware that they serve as such - their memories are wiped/replaced after every meeting, and they remain ignorant of the real purpose of their meetings.

Also just known as Watchers. Humans that know about the supernatural creatures that share the world with them, and have dedicated their lives to  observing, learning, and recording what they learn. Secretive, try to hide their activities from those they observe as much as possible. (Think something like a blend between SPN's Men of Letters and Highlander's Watcher Society.) Ruled over by the Director, Marius Sumner.

Originally an organization purely of humans, the new Director is working to put into place a plan to change the Talamasca, to encourage limited direct communication with some of the beings they previously only watched from the shadows. The plan is, however, only in the very beginning stages, and is known only to Director Sumner and his PA for the moment.

Keepers: Being an extragovernmental organization, The Keepers are rarely heard about and even more rarely known about. Their job for decades has been to police the magic users of the U.S. and to hunt down, then take out, anyone who passes a certain point of misconduct. Through rigorous experimentation they have developed weaponry that will work more efficiently than that more conventional.

Mongrels: Established in 1975, this Motorcycle Club consists solely of Werewolves and Garou. With Luthen as President and Lyall as Vice President, they have established a number of clubhouses across the United States, and will do anything for money - from human trafficking to cleaning up murder scenes.

‘Shifter Rebellion: Lead by Jackson Withers. (In progress.)

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